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Super Mantra Gayatri and Yajnas mutually aid each other

 It was only after deeply realizing the great import of Gayatri Yajnas that they were encouraged and lauded worldwide. Whenever Yajnas were ignored dire circumstances were faced both individually and socially. Hence it is imperative that Gayatri Yajnas be performed again with a sound scientific basis. The tradition of Agnihotra must recommence in every household the world over. There was a time when this did happen in ancient India and hence it was a period of heavenly comforts and inner bliss too. Why is the world today so full of strife and stress? It is because we have ignored Yajnas at our own peril.

In layman’s parlance, Yajna is synonymous with charity, congregationalism, and worship of Almighty God. The deeper meaning is a contribution to divine endeavors in a congregational manner. This is that meritorious deed which helps an animal-man to pole vault into a human god. Human glory is definitely rooted in this generous attitude of service to the world in a selfless manner. Just as the ore of gold sheds its dirt when exposed to fire so as to shine brightly so too when mankind imbibes the philosophy of Yajnas they climb the peak of greatness and thus march towards divinity.


With regards: ClaudiaLCollins

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